Hurricane Ophelia forms in the Atlantic

Hurricane Ophelia forms in the Atlantic

FOX19 - Ophelia is the 10th straight Atlantic storm to become a hurricane, and this ties the record for the most consecutive Atlantic named storms to reach hurricane status.

While she won't affect the United States, it's possible that she threatens not only the Azores, but Ireland and parts of the United Kingdom as well.

Ophelia is forecast to drift northeast through today and to pass just south of the Azores into the weekend.

According to NOAA's hurricane database, only 15 hurricanes have passed within 200 nautical miles of the Azores since 1851 and all of those occurred in August or September.

The National Hurricane Center has Ophelia transitioning to a post-tropical cyclone by Monday with winds remaining at or above hurricane force.

She then moves further northeast then north off the coast of Portugal and Spain.

The center of the storm will remain well offshore but high wind, heavy rain, and damaging surf will all be possible along the Iberian Peninsula.

From here Ophelia will curl more northward and remain a strong storm near Ireland Monday or Monday night.

This could bring high winds, blinding rain, and some storm surge to the western coast of Ireland, with wind and rain reaching portions of the UK into Tuesday.

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