Newport police investigating after pumpkin shatters windshield

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Newport Police are investigating after someone smashed a pumpkin through the rear windshield of a car on 16th Street.

The woman who owns the car said she found the ugly surprise Thursday morning. A pumpkin that weighs about 15 pounds had been thrown into her rear windshield, shattering it. Several other pumpkins that had been thrown were in nearby yards.

"It was like through the windshield, busted, shattered the entire back window," the woman, who did not want to reveal her identity, said. 

Similar reports have popped up in other places like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. In some cases, the pumpkins have been thrown from overpasses and have caused injuries.

Newport's police chief said that they have never had issues with pumpkins being used for vandalism until now.

Police are working to determine whether it was kids trying to play a prank or an adult hoping to cause harm.

This driver of the damaged vehicle said the repairs cost her a pretty penny. She had to get the entire windshield replaced.

Police worry it could become a problem so they are taking precautions by upping patrols in the area and sorting through surveillance.

"I think that's awesome with fall break being on that they can be around a lot more,"  the woman who owns the car said.

Neighbors are upping their security too in case the person responsible decides to come back for round two.

It's not clear where the pumpkins are coming from.

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