Toned Teens

Toning a teen goal, survey finds some use supplements to achieve it

As America gets fatter, many teens are trying to better their bodies. A new study finds about 44 percent of girls and 62 percent of boys say they've participated in strength training. But some of the teens are looking for shortcuts to a ripped bod. Researchers found eight percent of girls and 12 percent of boys say they've used supplements.

Protein shakes and powders are the most common, but the young people also list steroids, growth hormone, amino acids and other potentially unhealthy products. The study's lead author says there's "a fine line" between fighting obesity and using unhealthy means to acquire an unrealistic look. The Harvard Medical School assistant professor says some kids "have gone right past healthy to something unhealthy."

The study appears in the August issue of Pediatrics. The National Institutes of Health and cereal-maker Kellogg paid for it.