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Palmeiro Suspended

Palmeiro suspended for steroid

About five months after he told Congress he has never used steroids, Rafael Palmeiro  is suspended ten days for violating Major League Baseball's steroids policy. He is the seventh and the highest-profile player to test positive for steroids under the major league policy adopted earlier this year.

Palmeiro says in a statement he has never intentionally used steroids, also saying he accepts the punishment and plans to address the issue later today in a conference call. He says he does not have a specific answer to how a banned substance got into his system, and that he won't be able to answer all questions because of the confidentiality rules in the collective bargaining agreement.

Former player Jose Canseco earlier this year told CBS' "60 Minutes" that he had injected steroids into Palmeiro.

While repeating today he had never intentionally used steroids, Palmeiro also apologized to baseball, the Oriole, his teammates and fans.

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