John Doe has been a mystery since May 1997

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - His body was discovered in the Great Miami River, near the south end of the Horseshoe Dam, in Indian Springs, Ohio. Dr. Richard Burkhardt was the Coroner at the time.

John Doe is a white male who has since been buried in an unmarked grave in Lot L in the Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton after years in the morgue with no results.

According to Burkhardt's report at the time, the man's decomposed body was found by members of the Hamilton Boat Club, north of Hamilton in Fairfield Township.

Investigator Andy Willis and Burkhardt examined his body in the morgue and found him to be a thin male, probably under the age of 35, approximately 5 feet 10 inches and weighing 130 to 150 pounds. He had "bumper fractures" to his right lower leg, consistent with being struck by a car. He was wearing cut-off, "Structure" brand jeans, "Fruit Of The Loom" brand underwear and wore a plastic, beaded necklace.

An autopsy revealed the man had multiple fractured ribs, damage to his lungs, compound fractures to his right arm, and a fracture in his left arm. The autopsy also revealed he suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, so he may have struggled with alcoholism. He also had a metal plate in his head, probably a repair from some kind of injury.

They've collected his DNA and all of his details are in NAMUS.

"Eventually, hopefully, we'll solve that one, too," said Mannix.

So here's an easy thing you can do to help crack these cases: give a DNA sample and get your information entered into the NAMUS database. It could help solve any number of cold cases, or if you ever have a loved one disappear, it could save you decades of grief and questioning.

If you think you have any information that could bring closure to these cold cases, reach out to the Butler County Coroner's Office by calling 513-785-5860.

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