4 in custody after violent attempted robbery in Cleves

CLEVES, OH (FOX19) - A Village of Cleves family got a true Halloween scare when a masked man and three others forced their way into a home, firing several shots.

The home invasion happened Monday on the 200 block of Lower River Road just after 5:30 p.m.

On Tuesday, the street was eerily quiet during the hours of trick-or-treating. Police say the residents in the home were still a bit frightened from the night before.

"They're very shaken, if you can imagine being in your front yard, and a car pulls up, and four people jump out, one with a mask, and they start squeezing off rounds," said Chief Rick Jones, with the Village of Cleves Police.

It was still daylight when it happened.

Police say four people where outside of the house relaxing when Ben Calvert, Nigel Calvert, Robbie Kramer and Beau Anderson rushed out of a car firing shots toward the victims. Police say a masked man was the shooter.

"He was feet away from multiple people and thankfully, luckily, he missed everyone," said Jones.

The nightmare didn't end there. According to police, the men then forced the victims inside.

"When he made his way into the house, he started demanding their cellphones and he was demanding the cash they had on them. He pistol whipped one of the men in the house, but he didn't injure him very badly," said Jones.

Jones says the men took off right after. Witnesses were able to give a good description to police, which led to three arrests within an hour.

One Tuesday the fourth suspect, Anderson, was found in Clermont County. Police are now trying to find out why the house was targeted.

"I find it hard to believe that this type of incident would happen in Cleves over a cellphone and cash. Our officers are good at what they do and I'm sure they'll get to the point here soon," said Jones.

Police say the four men got away with less than $200.

All four men are being held at the Hamilton County jail for felonious assault and robbery charges.

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