Woman loses wedding ring while handing out candy on Halloween

DAYTON, KY (FOX19) - Halloween could prove to be extremely for a local family after a mother thinks a trick-or-treater may have accidentally walked away with her wedding ring.

"We was handing out candy and I didn't have my ring on my ring finger because it swelled up," said Jamie Stieby. "I couldn't get it on and I had it on my index finger and I think it's in one of the kids bags."

She's concerned that mixed in among the sweets may have been her ring, an accidental handout worth way more than the Twix bars that lined the plastic pumpkins of children.

"My mother-in-law gave it to me and 13 years of marriage," said Stieby.

So it is priceless to her.

Sometime between 6:30 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. the woman's finger felt different after another round of children came through her 3rd Avenue home.

It didn't take long to notice what was missing.

"I felt like it was like 5 minutes, I don't even know, I was just devastated," said Stieby. "I instantly started looking for stuff and looking around and looking in my car, looking in the candy bowl like 8 times and it wasn't in there."

Now she's asking the parents of the dozens of Dayton children that came down her street to check their children's candy bags.

"It's just a gold band. It has like ripples in it and that's, it it's just a gold band."

Stieby has shared her story on all of the Dayton Kentucky social media pages and continues to ask parents in the area to look through their children's bags for that ring.

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