Jailer accused of having sex with inmate appears in court

DEARBORN COUNTY, IN (FOX19) - A corrections officer at the Dearborn County Jail is accused of sexual misconduct with an inmate he was supervising.

Aaron Schaaf, 24, was arrested and charged Wednesday, according to the Dearborn County Prosecutor.

The charges stemmed from a state police investigation into a female inmate's accusation that she had performed oral sex and had sexual intercourse with Schaaf on several occasions.

Schaaf had only worked at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center for three months when the inmate reported the alleged misconduct on Oct. 26.

The victim told authorities that Schaaf befriended her while she was in an isolation cell. Schaaf would talk to her and seemed interested in her problems, read an affidavit filed in the county court.

"After the lights went out, Schaaf came to her cell, unlocked the door," the affidavit states.

The inmate went to another officer and "stated she was mad that this happened to her." Jail personnel transported her to the Dearborn County Hospital for an examination.

During an interview, Schaaf admitted to the sexual misconduct, according to state police.

The inmate's mother said it wasn't a consensual affair, but rape.

"She said he slammed her up against a wall in the cell," the mother said.

The inmate wrote that to her mother in a jail house email she shared with FOX19 NOW. The inmate said Schaaf made indirect threats by saying: "If I didn't do what he said then I would be locked in that small room longer."

Her mom said she was in isolation because she was having medical issues.

"She said he brought pictures after he had raped her the first time ... that he printed them off of Facebook, into the cell where she was at and stated that he knew where her family was and went on how cute her children were -- pretty much let her know I know where your family is and I can harm them and was threatening to do so," the mother said.

In an email to her mom, the inmate wrote: "I was scared he might hurt myself or one of you. Just hearing keys jingle sent chills up my body. I can't deal with all this.'

Schaaf appeared in court Nov. 2. He had been charged with a Level 5 and 6 felony, along with official misconduct.

Authorities say ones of the charges carried a $50,000 bond.

Schaaf was appointed an attorney, and his legal team will meet again Dec. 15 for a pretrial.

If found guilty, a Level 5 felony is anywhere from one to six years in prison. A Level 6 Felony is anywhere from six months to 2 1/5 years.

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