Halloween miracle: Girl reunites with beloved stuffed animal 'Floppy'

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - An area 4-year-old was devastated when she lost her life-long stuffed animal Tuesday while trick-or-treating -- that is until a neighbor came to the rescue.

Floppy, a worn and torn stuffed dog, means the world to Elena Rolfsen.

"You went trick or treating last night?" asked FOX19 NOW on Wednesday.

"Yeah," said Elena.

"And what happened?" FOX19 NOW asked.

"I lost Floppy," she said.

"What happened when you lost Floppy?" FOX19 NOW asked.

"I cried," said Elena.

Floppy entered Elena's life at a time she needed him most -- to help her heal after she was viciously attacked by a pit bull in her babysitter's back yard. Elena's mom and dad showed FOX19 NOW their daughter's scars over the summer.

Elena has plenty of toys, but none as important as her beloved Floppy.

Her parents said it stayed with her for three days in intensive care, and is a special dog -- not just a toy.

But the person who found Floppy lying on the ground outside her her house -- right next door to Elena's aunt and uncle's -- posted the discovery on the Homeowner Association's website. Word got around and Elena's grandfather rushed her from St. Bernard to Liberty Township so the two would be reunited.

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