Official: Body of UC student pulled from Ohio River

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A body that was pulled from the Ohio River this week has been identified as a 24-year-old student at the University of Cincinnati.

Sunil Birader was reported missing this past Saturday. Many students were in a state of mourning on campus Friday.

On Thursday, his body was pulled from the Ohio River near Kellogg Avenue. The coroner ruled his death a suicide. Now, his classmates and advisers want to know why.

"All the people that we talked to who had interactions with him say there was no indication that something wasn't going well for him. That's the part of the difficulty understanding this situation," said Ron Cushing, director of International Services at UC.

The 24-year-old engineering student was from India and had just come to UC three months ago.

Parass Timilsna was his classmate. He's also new to the campus, from Nepal, and says it can be a big culture shock adjusting to the U.S.

"If I didn't have my seniors over here who are from my country that I talked to before coming here it would be very hard," said the graduate student.

The university has several programs in place to help students adjust, including counseling. Cushing says it's not always easy getting the students to participate.

"The biggest difficulty we have with students is many of them come from cultures where asking for help and going to see a counselor and things of that nature are something you just don't do -- it's not viewed favorably in their culture," Cushing said.

The Indian Student Association is now considering putting a buddy system in place to let the students feeling homesick know they are not alone.

"I think everybody should help so this thing not occur in the future," said Timilsna.

The association is planning on holding some type of vigil for Birader early next week.

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