Unclear who paid for campaign fliers calling Mayor Cranley's crime policy 'weak'

Unclear who paid for campaign fliers calling Mayor Cranley's crime policy 'weak'
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A flier that calls Mayor John Cranley's crime policy "weak" is causing a stir prior to Election Day.

The flier states Cranley's crime policy is "weak" and that Cincinnati "needs a strong police force." It then ticks off a list:

  • “Gave Award to Cop Killer”
  • “Refused to Defend Police Captain Wrongly Accused as “Racist”
  • “Stalled Replacement of Unsafe Police District 5 HQ”
  • “Made Cincinnati a 'Sanctuary City'; Rejects federal law; Invites illegals to: Live in our Neighborhoods, use our taxpayer-funded services, schools and hospitals

"Tell Mayor Cranley to Support our Police," the flier ends, urging people to call him at his City Hall office.

Cranley believes the flier comes from a group supporting his opponent, Council Member Yvette Simpson.

"A group of people who are clearly trying to benefit my opponent are sending out one message to African Americans, another message to Republicans, and neither case are they claiming who they are, who is paying for it, or why they're doing it," he said.

Simpson said the ads are not associated with her campaign.

"These ads are in no way associated with our campaign, and we have no knowledge who is behind them. Media outlets have asked us to respond to these ads, but have not similarly questioned our opponent about the negative ads by his former employee," she said.

According to our partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Ohio Democratic Party has filed a "John Doe" complaint with the state Elections Commission, as the fliers did not list a disclaimer saying who paid for them, a violation of state elections law.

Cranley and Simpson are both Democrats.

Election Day is Nov. 7.

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