Political signs keep getting pulled out of the ground in North Fairmount

NORTH FAIRMOUNT, OH (FOX19) - The North Fairmount Community Council president is speaking out after dozens of political signs were taken from the corner of Cummings and Beekman streets.

"The signs are gone," Community Council President Pamela Adams said. "We are not going to tolerate this in North Fairmount."

Adams found the signs pulled from the ground just days before the election and discovered they had been thrown in a nearby wooded area. She grabbed what signs she could find and put them back on display in front of the North Fairmount welcome sign.

"Now, understand that we got raccoons and everything out there," Adams said. "I had a lot of nerve didn't I? Had my little flashlight, pulled out what I had found, put them back."

Just a day later the signs were removed again -- and this time, the vandals took the signs with them.

"Everything was here all before the election," Adams said. "How many days we have before the election? Tuesday is the day. So why are these signs gone now?"

Adams and the council's vice president want to welcome all politicians and issues to replace the signs that were taken from their corner.

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