Family concerned after lost dog able to escape from NKY animal shelter

GALLATIN COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - A northern Kentucky family is upset after their dog went missing from the Gallatin County Animal Shelter this week.

The issue started Oct. 28 when both Beckham family dogs allegedly attacked and killed several chickens belonging to a neighbor. The neighbor shot and killed one of the dogs, and the other was taken by Gallatin County Animal Control. According to the Gallatin County Animal Shelter, the dog was dropped off after business hours, and that's where there was a disconnect.

"They had already put her on an adoption site, they had renamed her, and had falsified stuff that she was good with cats and good with kids when they really didn't know," dog owner Jamie Beckham said.

The initial confusion began when staff arrived Sunday, because they mistook the dog for a stray. Shelter officials say the issue was corrected after the staff later spoke with Animal Control.

"I talked to him later on that Sunday once he got out of church and he told me the dog's on quarantine, which I didn't know ... on Monday, we took off the -- we took her off the adoption site," said Chloe Nunn, with the Gallatin County Animal Shelter.

The Beckham family says it's just one of many concerns, the biggest of which is the fact its dog is now missing.

Nunn said another employee came in and saw the dog was gone, the fence was knocked off the kennel, and the back door was open.

"We're not really sure how the back door was open but the dog did get out," she said.

There is surveillance video of -- what shelter employees describe as -- the dog running around the outside of the building before business hours. The Beckham family said the police report reads the dog was stolen.

While the Beckham family has many concerns about the communication and documentation kept between the shelter and Animal Control, the family is hopeful it can still find the dog.

The Beckhams are now offering a $500 reward for the safe return of their family pet.

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