Reds 1B Joey Votto comes up short in National League MVP voting

Reds 1B Joey Votto comes up short in National League MVP voting

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Major League Baseball's 2017 National League Most Valuable Player was announced Thursday.

The award went to Miami's Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton, Cincinnati's Joey Votto, and Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt were all finalists.

"Just so close," Votto said after learning the outcome. "[I'm] really, really grateful for the support. I cannot believe how close it was. I just can't believe coming up two points short. It's so cool in a way coming up that short. Most of the time it's a landslide or it's clear. This wasn't that. That was one of the entertaining aspects of it. Because Giancarlo and I did things so differently and because we're both on losing clubs, it was for me a very interesting vote."

"I don't feel terribly disappointed, not really because I think that it was just two very, very good seasons that went head-to-head," Votto said. "The subject was more individual performance than team wins. ... Had the Marlins won or the Reds won, this would have been near-unanimous. To me, this is just a pick 'em. People basically said, 'We loved them both.' That's something I'm grateful for. Giancarlo plays in a monster ballpark and hit all those home runs, and I was cheering for him. I played every day, and I felt like I put together a nice, well-rounded season. We did it from the beginning to the end. We both stayed healthy, and I think the fans appreciated it."

Below are a few notables regarding Votto's 2017 campaign:

  • Votto led the Major Leagues by reaching base safely 321 times, breaking his own club record.
  • Votto led the Major Leagues in on-base percentage, walks and intentional walks.
  • Votto led the Major Leagues with a walks-to-strikeouts ratio of 1.61.
  • Votto led the National League in walks for the fifth time.
  • Votto led the National League in on-base percentage for the sixth time.

Votto won the award in 2010.

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