Storm partially washes road away in Brookville

Storm partially washes road away in Brookville

BROOKVILLE, IN (FOX19) - Heavy rain late Sunday night washed away part of a road in Franklin County, IN. On Monday night, a section of Richland Creek Road remained closed.

Currently a barricade is in place to keep drivers off of the road. This week drivers in Brookville will have to rely on a different route to get through town.

Ryan Bischoff is a Cedar Grove firefighter. He was working in the area when the rain come pouring down.

"We were cutting trees out of the power lines when they shut the power lines off an the water was coming up on us. It was pretty wild," said Bischoff.

As he was driving on Richland Creek Road after Midnight, near River Road at Gobles Creek, that's when noticed that half of the road was gone.

"It was hard to see because it was dark. I noticed that there were tree limbs across the road so I stopped and most of the road was washed out," said Bischoff.

Richland Creek Road is near a culvert. A spokesperson for the Franklin County Highway Dept. said during storms, debris can cause backups leading to flash flooding.

"It was probably 10 to 12 foot deep. I called dispatch and we got the county out here and we shut down the road before anybody fell into the hole," said Bischoff.

He's just thankful that no one was driving on the road when it broke apart.

"Very dangerous they could have been in traffic. They could have been washed down the River," said Bischoff.

This isn't the first time Brookville residents have seen a section of Richland Creek Road crumble. It reportedly happened last year in August.

"It's kind of an inconvenience but that's mother nature," said Bischoff.

Now many are hoping that the county does more to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"I'm hoping for a permanent fix. It'll be fixed but it may not be permanent for now. They said they will hopefully put a bridge in there one of these days so that would be great," said Bischoff.

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