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Brain Dead Pregnancy

Family rejoicing birth and mourning death of brain-dead mother

A 26-year-old brain-dead mother has died at a Virginia hospital after her life support was disconnected. Susan Torres suffered a stroke linked to brain cancer in May, but had been kept alive to give her unborn daughter time to develop.

The baby was delivered yesterday by Caesarean section -- and named after her mom. Susan Torres' brother-in-law says little Susan will be told her mother "was one of the toughest human beings" he'd ever met. Justin Torres says the family felt a tug of emotions about the baby, "overjoyed but we knew what was coming next." Torres was taken off life support today after a "brief goodbye" with family members.

The baby is in neo-natal intensive care. She weighs less than two pounds but doctors say initial findings are that the newborn is cancer-free.

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