Owner of dog that was reportedly duct taped facing charges, dog now with SPCA

NORTH BEND, OH (FOX19) - The owner of a dog that was allegedly seen on video with duct tape wrapped around its mouth in North Bend is now facing charges following an SPCA investigation.

Bradley Creech said that he and his wife were returning to their home in North Bend in early November when they heard glass shatter. According to Creech, they ran in the direction of the sound towards their neighbor Garet Burton's home to see what was going on and found a dog standing in a broken window.

The dog, Creech said, had duct tape around its mouth.

"Seeing something like that happening to an animal, it just breaks our heart," Creech said. "I would never do that. There's no reason to do that."

The couple called police and recorded video of the dog. When Burton came outside a few minutes later, Creech said they asked him why the dog had duct tape around its mouth.

Burton can allegedly be heard in the video saying "he must have gotten a hold of the duct tape" and "he must have chewed on it."

"It's very inhumane. No dog deserves that, ever, not under any circumstances," Ramsey Locke, a neighbor, said.

SPCA officials said the dog seen in the video has been removed from the home and is now in their care and doing better.

Burton, according to the SPCA, is now facing charges for not registering the dog and for animal cruelty. Court records show he was arraigned on November 29 and returns to court December 18.

Creech said he and his wife want to see the dog moved into a good home.

FOX19 NOW spoke with Burton's family in early November when the investigation began. They did not want to talk on camera, but said the window on the home was broken a long time before the video was recorded. They also said they plan to handle the situation with police.

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