Reward money now sits at $20,000 in death of Brown County mother, unborn child

BROWN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Two anonymous Brown County residents have pledged $5,000 each in reward money offered for information leading to charges and a conviction in the death of Brittany Stykes and her unborn child. The total reward now stands at $20,000.

This money comes from the initial reward offered, as well as additional money pledged by anonymous citizens and other sources, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office.

Stykes and her unborn child were murdered in August 2013 on U.S. Route 68 south of Georgetown, Ohio, deputies said. Stykes' other daughter, who was in the vehicle at the time of the attack, survived after she was shot in the head.

"When you lose a child, you lose a part of yourself," Stykes' mother, Mary Dodson, said earlier this year.

Four years later there are still no answers.

"You hurt for them. You want so much to give that family closure," said Sheriff Ellis, who added, it's not unsual in a case like this for new leads to develop, even four years later.

Security video at a gas station along Rt. 125 in Brown County, showed the final moments anybody saw Stykes alive, before she headed east on Rt. 125, toward U.S. Highway 68, where she was killed.

Over the years, there have been persistent theories about how the young woman died, Aug. 28, 2013.

FOX19 NOW asked Birttany's father Dave Dodson, about theory no. 1, that person of interest Tommy Lee Lopez had been hired to kill Stykes, which proved to be a hoax.

"So, he's out of the picture," he said.

Theory no. 2 was that a motorcycle gang rode past her, shot her and her daughter while they were in motion there on U.S. 68, which would explain how Brittany's Jeep veered off the road and into the woods.

"I've heard that," said Dodson. "But nothing to lead to that."

"I have seen nothing that demonstrates that to be a fact," agreed Sheriff Ellis, who firmly believes there are people out there who know what really happened to Brittany.

A large, wooden cross marks the spot where she died.

"I can't believe it's been 4 years and no answers," said Dodson incredulously. "Somebody's not talking"

Dodson and his wife have never given up hope. His daughter was murdered on his birthday.

At this point, as far as suspects are concerned, it could be a male, female or any number of people. Brittany's husband Shane Stykes was previously cleared as a person of interest.

"Brittany had a fear of telling her husband she was pregnant again," said Dodson.

"Why?," we asked. "She would never would tell me," said Dodson.

Visits between Stykes' husband and the Dodsons are civil, to get visitation time with Aubrey, their granddaughter, otherwise, they don't have much contact with him.

"It's rough," said Dodson. "It's a hard thing to do. I've kept all the news articles, I've kept all the newspapers, I've got everything in a large tote. And when she's old enough, I think I'll let her have it all."

"We're never gonna stop, OK?," said Sheriff Ellis emphatically. "Until someone is held accountable for what occurred here, we're going to continue to investigate this."

Stykes' daughter Aubrey just started Kindergarten this year, and despite several surgeries since her mother's murder, her Grandpa said she's doing great.

Those with information on the case are asked to call 513-352-3040 or 937-378-4435 Ext. 130.

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