Perfect North starts making snow ahead of opening

LAWRENCEBURG, IN (FOX19) - The anticipation in Lawrenceberg is growing as colder weather means we're one day closer to Perfect North opening for the season.

Snow making began this weekend as they tested out their snow guns to make sure they'd be ready for the cooler temperatures.

"It's kind of like that Christmas morning where you hear the hum of the snow guns and you see the snow flying through the air and you kind of just get giddy, you can't help but act like a school kid again. You've got to get out and play in the snow and throw a few snow balls first thing," Tim Doll, with Perfect North Slopes said.

It's a little to warm to make snow, but we're going to be keeping an eye on it to see if we can get some temperatures below 32 degrees.

"The forecast is looking great in early December," Doll said. "It looks like a good cold settling in and we're excited about that. Anything you can do to help us, we'll take it. As soon as we have that blast of cold a couple of days below freezing we're going to hit it on all cylinders and make snow as quickly as we can and hope to be open early December."

The open date has not been set, but it's looking like the beginning of December could get you out to Perfect North.

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