Police warn of MoneyGram scam

GOSHEN, OH (FOX19) - Police in Goshen are investigating an incident involving MoneyGram and an e-mail about becoming a mystery shopper.

On Now. 1, a victim reported to police he received an e-mail from stating that she was selected to be a mystery shopper at Walmart. She was sent a MoneyGram of $964 to perform her tasks.

According to the police report, the victim was instructed to use $10 at a local Walmart to make sure the cashier was doing their job correctly.

Once the job was done, she was instructed to send $790 to an address in Texas as a donation.

Police said she was sent three more MoneyGrams for $964 as commission, but her bank put a block on them.

She is now responsible to pay the bank back the $964 she cashed from the original MoneyGram.

According to MoneyGram, counterfeit checks can be difficult to detect and may not be recognized until after you've completed the requested transfer. With this scam, fraudsters get the cash and you're responsible for paying back the counterfeit amount and any fees to your bank.

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