Sharonville police chief quits amid investigation into 'internal personnel matter'

Sharonville police chief quits amid investigation into 'internal personnel matter'
Sharonville Police Chief Aaron Blasky (Provided by the City of Sharonville)

SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - The police chief has agreed to resign effective Dec. 1 amid an investigation into allegations described as "an internal personnel matter" by city officials.

City Council approved a resignation agreement with Aaron Blasky at their meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Kevin Hardman confirmed Wednesday morning.

Blasky, 50, the police chief for four years, was put on paid administrative leave Sept. 6 while the law firm of Frost, Brown, Todd investigated.

At the time, Hardman said it seemed more appropriate for an outside party to investigate rather than the city's human resources employees since this relates to the police chief.

"We wanted to have a neutral party come in and take a look and tell us what they find," Hardman said.

Details on the allegations were not divulged and still have not been publicly released.

During the investigation, Blasky approached the investigator with Frost Brown Todd regarding a "potential resolution," Hardman wrote in a prepared statement Wednesday.

"These discussions resulted in the resignation agreement and the discontinuation of the investigation. Nothing in this investigation involved any criminal act or inappropriate conduct with the public.

"The agreement prevents a potentially lengthy and costly discipline and appeal process, the imposition of unnecessary hardship on active members of our Police Department and allows the city to immediately move forward with the selection of new police leadership."

Blasky has not responded to previous requests for comment and may not say much now.

He agreed not to make any statement about the situation that isn't first submitted in writing and approved by the city, according to the separation agreement.

He also agreed not to sue the city, seek to overturn the separation agreement or try to get hired again.

"Employee is permitted to respond to any public statement by the City regarding his resignation as Police Chief in writing through his attorney as follows:

"'Chief Blasky tendered his resignation to the City of Sharonville on [DATE], effective December 1, 2017, and we cannot comment further,'" the separation agreement reads.

"Nothing in this Agreement is intended to prevent Employee from responding truthfully to private inquiries regarding his employment for the purpose of obtaining employment or as required by law.

"Employee and the City agree to direct any inquiries regarding his employment to the City's Human Resources Director, who will respond only by confirming Employee's dates of employment and position(s) held (except as otherwise required by law), or by stating that "the issues regarding Chief Blasky's employment with the City have been mutually resolved."

Sharonville Police Services Commander Jim Nesbit remains acting chief until further notice.

"The Sharonville Civil Service Commission will be immediately notified of the resignation upon Chief Blasky's formal acceptance of the agreement," the mayor wrote.

"The Commission will institute testing procedures to select the new Chief. All lieutenants of the Sharonville police department will be eligible to test and be considered for promotion.

"In the unlikely event only one lieutenant is interested, testing will open to sergeants in the police department."

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