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This John Oliver clip from 2015 is Hamilton County stadium hesitancy in a nutshell

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FC Cincinnati continues to scramble to get its MLS expansion application finalized before Dec. 14. This week, team representatives said they'd privately fund a stadium if the city and Hamilton County could pay $75 million for site infrastructure.

The Hamilton County commissioners feel Paul Brown Stadium is still the best option for taxpayers.

Would MLS support Paul Brown Stadium? 'Never, never, never' says FCC GM

The county's hesitance to help with a soccer-specific stadium, to this point, appears to be understood by team representatives.

"I understand this has the word 'stadium' in it, and this community has been somewhat scarred by that word," FC Cincinnati president and general manager Jeff Berding said in a news conference earlier this month.

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Comedian John Oliver even addressed stadiums and public funding in an episode of his HBO program, referencing Great American Ball Park and Paul Browns stadium at about the 11:44 mark (explicit language warning):

Berding has said other cities in the running for the 25th or 26th MLS spots, Sacramento and Nashville, have already finalized plans. FOX19 NOW will stream the Hamilton County commissioners' news conference Thursday at 1:30 p.m.

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