Is Google recording you without you knowing it?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Is Google listening to and recording your conversations?

Google Assistant is an app used by many people on their phones and browsers. The app lets you use your voice to ask for directions or search for things. You activate it by saying, "Hey Google."

Mail Online claims to have several transcripts that show Google Assistant recorded users without their knowledge. In one of those recordings, a man was talking to someone and shared the alarm code to his house. Assistant not only recorded that code, but transcribed it.

Google says it only records and transcribes conversations after the device quote believes it hears, "OK, Google," or "Hey Google." But it looks like background conversations can trigger that feature.

The Simply Money point here: If you use Google Assistant, the Google Home, Amazon's Echo or another virtual assistant -- you need to know they're always listening to you and could be recording you. So if that worries you, click the "mute" button.

And there is a way to see everything Google's stored about you, from your online searches, to your locations, even those voice transcripts (click or tap here).

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