Sneak peek: Zoo’s new gorilla exhibit near completion

Sneak peek: Zoo’s new gorilla exhibit near completion

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Soon, visitors at the Cincinnati Zoo will be able to see gorillas up close and personal at a new indoor exhibit.

It will be making its debut on Dec. 5 during the Festival of Lights.

"Honestly I love that our visitors are going to be able to see gorillas year round. I can't wait to see all those guys come out here, all the keepers are just chomping at the bit to get them out here," Primates Curator Ron Evans said.

Evans said this expansion to the exhibit will really benefit the gorillas.

"This area is really cool because it interconnects with all of the other areas that we have here for the gorillas. We have five distinct areas that the gorillas can travel through at different times, including this new indoor habitat. So all day long at different times we'll be able to rotate the gorillas through all these different areas on a varied schedule which is very important because gorillas naturally travel and they move a lot," he said.

In September, the zoo welcomed Mshindi, who was relocated from the Louisville Zoo.

He is a 29-year-old Western Lowland Silverback, and was the first animal to be added to the gorilla habitat since Harambe's death.

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