FOX19 Student Video Challenge 2008 - ENTRY INFORMATION

presented by
Cincinnati Bell, Hyundai, Taco Bell & Kia



The fourth annual FOX19 Student Video Challenge is about to begin!  We are sending out a call to the brightest video producers of the future and I would like to extend this formal invitation for you and your school to participate.

Each school (schools may enter more than one entry) will be asked to submit a :45 to :60 second video highlighting the creativity and talent of their students.  The subject is entirely up to the students.  We want to inspire and encourage students to expand their minds and be as creative as possible.

From all entries, 5 finalists will be selected.  The finalist schools will be notified the week of October 27, 2008.  Through the generous support of our sponsors, Hyundai, Taco Bell, Kia and Cincinnati Bell, FOX19 will televise each finalist's video during the FOX19 Morning News from November 3 through November 7, showing one video per day.  Viewers will be encouraged to vote for their favorite video online at  The online voting will end November 16 at midnight.

Winners will be determined in two categories:  a group of broadcast industry professionals will select the "Judge's Favorite" and "Most Popular" which will be determined by on-line voting.  The winners will be announced the week of November 24, 2008 during the FOX19 Morning News.  Each of the winning schools will receive $1019.00 for enhancements to their audio/video production departments.

To enter, review all the materials below including: downloadable entry forms, and directions to upload your video.  Entries are due by 5pm on October 24.   For specific questions, please contact FOX19's Director of Special Projects, Rob Schoonover at or 513-562-2448.

We look forward to showcasing the best High School production teams of the Greater Cincinnati area.

John Long,

Vice President/General Manager


Produce your :45 to :60 Video

Submit Official Entry Form.  Form is available by clicking here.  You may go ahead and upload your video, however they will not be made available for public viewing until the entry form has been received by FOX19.  Completed forms can be sent in the following manners:

  1. Mail to FOX19 Student Video Challenge - 635 West 7th Street - Cincinnati, OH 45244
  2. Fax to Rob Schoonover at 513-421-2940
  3. E-mail to Rob Schoonover at

Upload Your Video

  1. Click this link to Cincinnati Bell's Zstreet
  2. If you already have an account with Zstreet, Click on Login and proceed to Step 6.
  3. If you do not have an account (they are free) Click on Login and then Register.
  4. Each school can create an account, and each group within that school can submit under that account, or you can enter as many group accounts as you wish.
  5. At the registration page, you will be asked to provide;
  • At this point you account has been created.
    • Click on Upload Video
    • Select FOX19 as the Video Category (Very Important).
    • In the Video Title Field please input Your High School Name followed by the Title of Your Project (i.e..Edgewood High School - Over the Top).
    • Input a description of your video.
    • Input any Keywords that may help describe your video (sports, funny, etc.)
    • Click to make available for Public.
    • Browse for your Video File.
    • Click Upload.
  • Videos will remain private until the entry form is received by FOX19.
  • In the event you experience difficulties uploading your video entry, you may also mail a DVD to:  FOX19 Student Video Challenge - 635 West 7th Street - Cincinnati, OH 45244

    • FOX19 Student Video Challenge Objective:  Utilize your creativity and develop a 45 to 60-second video encompassing a theme of your choice.
    • Be as creative and original as possible. Originality will play a large part in the selection of finalists and ultimately the grand prize winners.
    • Submissions must be the work of students. Teachers, parents and support people are encouraged to be resources, but project should consist of only student work....THIS INCLUDES MUSIC..USE YOUR OWN MUSIC AS WE CANNOT BROADCAST ANY ENTRY CONTAINING MUSIC WHICH VIOLATES COPYRIGHT LAWS!
    • Contest is open to all Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky High School Students.
    • All entries must be submitted through an instructor/administrator at entrants school.
    • You are encouraged to work in teams on your entries.  Although more than one entry is permissible per school, an individual student can participate in only one team entry.
    • Only one submission per team will be accepted.
    • Each team needs to create a team name.
    • Videos must be between 45 and 60-seconds.  Videos that exceed 60-seconds will not be considered.
    • The judging panel will be looking for the following characteristics within your entry
      • Creativity
      • Presentation including direction, editing, design, etc.
      • Effectiveness of communicating theme
    • Judges will consist of media industry professionals.
    • All decisions made by the judges will be final.
    • Please keep in mind that all submissions must meet the on-air standards that FOX19 follows.  FOX19 has the right to disqualify any submission for offensive content.  Offensive content may include but is not limited to:
      • Nudity
      • Foul Language
      • Weapons
      • Violence
      • Drug Usage
      • Alcohol Usage
    • All entries must be received by October 24, 2008.
    • All submissions must include the official entry form located below.
    • Finalists will be asked to provide master on DVD, Beta SP or DVC Pro.
    • By submitting, schools agree that all or part of the video can be played on WXIX-TV and/or