Charity gives hundreds of local kids free glasses

Charity gives hundreds of local kids free glasses
Source: WXIX

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Being able to see the fall leaves change or even reading a book are things many of us who can see clearly may take for granted.

All this week, Xavier University and the charity OneSight teamed up to bring clear vision to children across the Cincinnati area. For hundreds of students, it was like looking at new world as they put on their new glasses. The OneSight Vision Care Clinic setup in the Armory at Xavier University, seeing more than 800 students and correcting their vision with a comprehensive eye exam.

"I need some glasses that I can actually see with," said Mikale Johnson, a student at North Elementary.

After an eye exam, his wish came true.

When the students get their eyes tested, the lenses are made on site and put into a new pair of frames. In the first two days of the clinic, 240 children were seen. OneSight Vision says 76 percent of them needed glasses. Some didn't even know they were having problems seeing.

"A lot of the time they don't know any different. They were born not being able to see and if they've never had their eyes examined they won't know what clear vision is," said Dawn Yager, the program manager for OneSight.

Crystannah Carpenter is one of the students who was struggling with her vision, which has been impacting her school work.

"In math class. I can't see (the teacher) writing the math problems out so I always scoot up and I still can't see, so I'll take pictures then I have to look at my phone, which can be distracting," said Carpenter.

She says she doesn't have insurance, so she wasn't able to get glasses.

"I feel like a brand new person because I'm blind as heck," she said.

Yager says this Vision Care Clinic is a game changer for many students.

"Children that see better learn better, and by simply providing them with an eye exam and glasses, we know we're setting them up for success later on down the road," Yager said.

The OneSight program travels across the country helping those in need. The goal is to provide 20 million people with access to glasses by 2020. For more information about the program click or tap here.

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