Remembering TWA Flight 128, Monday marks 50th anniversary

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Monday marks 50 years since the deadliest plane crash in Kentucky history. Family members and supporters of cash victims held a memorial at Aviation Memorial Grove in Burlington.

The victims' names were called out loud and a bell tolled for each life lost, Trans World Airlines Flight 128 in 1967.

Crash survivor, 92-year-old bob Hart recalled the moment that he knew something had gone wrong.

"I was sitting next to the window... a look at the number 4 engine and I saw sparks coming from it. The plane was shaking and vibrating," said Hart.

Hart said he knew that they were going to be in for a rough landing, but he never dreamed that the plane would crash. Also at Sunday's ceremony was the youngest crash survivor, Tracy Smith Eby who was only 15-months-old at the time of the crash.

"To get to meet the first responders who were here is a big thing," said Eby.

Tracy was found in a tree, and was known as simply "the baby."

"It's just been part of my history. I don't remember anything about it, which is a good thing but just to know I was the youngest survivor," said Eby.

Hart and Eby don't get to see each other often but they enjoy each other's company when they do. They're glad to know that the those who died in the crash are still remembered.

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