Monroe residents: intentional hit-and-run caught on camera

Still image from video (Provided)
Still image from video (Provided)

MONROE, OH (FOX19) - Video from a home security camera system in Monroe reportedly shows a driver intentionally hitting a sign and taking off, and residents said they are frustrated with recent vandalism.

Pebblestone Drive initially appears quiet in the surveillance footage, but only seconds into the clip, vehicle headlights move into view.

"They turned around and then came back up the street, and you can see the truck intentionally driving towards the slow sign and running it over," Melissa Weiseman, who lives in the area, said.

People who live in the neighborhood said it is typically a peaceful place, although in recent months, speeding has become a big problem.

In response, neighbors installed a sign that tells drivers to slow down, but said vandals have targeted it.

"People have always thought that it would be fun to vandalize it, so that's why we decided to fill it with concrete," Weiseman said.

Despite the concrete, Weiseman said it's obvious the truck seen in the video intentionally drove over the sign and caused damage.

Neighbors have said the video is an example of what has been going on in the area. Several families claim that their mailboxes were ran over recently too, likely on purpose.

There is no clear connection between those reports and the alleged hit and run at this time.

"It's a pain to always have to go out and clean up and check for the mess," Weiseman said.

What is clear is that the neighborhood wants the incidents to stop.

"They're really supportive, and they want it to end too," Weiseman said.

The couple that captured the footage said they reported what happened to police. They also said neighbors may have identified the driver.

They would like to see whoever is responsible forced to fix the sign as a form of punishment.

Monroe Police said they have not had a lot of vandalism reports in recent months, but it is possible that some neighbors may not have filed reports.

If you have information, you're asked to contact police.

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