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Look for Saturn, Mercury under crescent moon (about an hour after sunset)

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It's a good week to be a stargazer.

Monday night, people should be able to see a crescent moon, Saturn, and Mercury with the naked eye.

Space.com suggests waiting about an hour after the sun goes down to look to the southwest:

For many observers, Monday will likely bring the final opportunity to make a positive identification of (Saturn), as it will be in close proximity to a slender crescent moon, two days past new phase and just 5 percent illuminated. Wait until about an hour after the sun has gone down before concentrating your gaze low toward the southwest horizon.

The moon will be hovering only about 7 degrees above the horizon.

The moon should appear to be hovering above Saturn and Mercury.

EarthSky.org says Saturn shines with a steady light and golden color. EarthSky says Mercury will hang below Saturn, close to the horizon, but shine about two times brighter.

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