More people are shopping online, but there's still big lines at the store

More people are shopping online, but there's still big lines at the store

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - On Thanksgiving, many across the Tri-State decided to take a break from their stuffing their bellies to stuff their shopping carts with marked down merchandise.

The parking lot at Toys R Us in Kenwood filled up and shoppers cruised through the aisles grabbing the hottest toys off the shelves. "I Got to get birthday presents and Christmas presents," said Sasha Greene while shopping.

Toys R US opened its doors at 5:00 p.m. Greene lined up about an hour before with nearly a hundred other eager shoppers. She says the sales throughout the store are worth skipping out on the Thanksgiving dinner a little early. "My family is pretty accommodating. They know that we like to do some shopping. They just make dinner a little earlier it all works out," said Greene.

It has been a challenging year for big box stores. Many are having a hard time keeping up with online retailers. A new survey by the National Retailer Federation found that 59-percent of shoppers plan to make their purchases online, making it the first time that online shopping is the preferred choice.

The Manager at Toys R US, Steve Williams, says he is seeing a difference in the way customers shop. "We are noticing that more people are shopping online, but they use that to buy "online pickup" in our stores. We're seeing increased traffic on the back side of where they just come in and just pick up their items," said Williams.

Jeff Parnell, admits that he is more of an online shopper, but the door buster deals drew him in on Thursday. "My son saw an ad about two days ago for a Power Wheels Boomerang, so I'm here for that little guy right there. I'm a rookie I just saw the deal and said why not," said Parnell.

Aisle after aisle shoppers will find some great deals on toys. Prices for many popular items are slashed in half. Many say they will be back at it on Friday hunting for more sales. "Actually yeah there's some pretty good deals so it's worth it," said Parnell.

Toys R Us will stay open throughout the night. They will stay open until Friday at Midnight.

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