Thieves targeting Christmas decorations in Hartwell

HARTWELL, OH (FOX19) - As Christmas approaches, some people around the Tri-State have lost a bit of their holiday cheer.

That's because thieves are stealing decorations right from their yards.

Scott Maclean, who lives in Hartwell, said he spoke about his lights being stolen on social media and soon learned he was not alone.

"Other people had lost theirs the same night. So I guess there was someone going around collecting Christmas lights," he said.

Maclean said he had the lights pointed at his house and it made it look really pretty. He lives on Burns Avenue and when he came home the other night he said the Christmas spirit was stolen from him.

"You are trying to enjoy that by putting your lights out. When they are gone or someone has taken them it literally feels like the Grinch stole Christmas," he said.

Joe Tobler said he too became a victim, but didn't notice it until after he saw Maclean's post.

"I saw that somebody just that day had there's taken and it made me want to look outside... and as soon as that happened I looked, and sure enough, it was gone," he said.

Despite having his lights stolen, Maclean, like many others in the neighborhood are keeping a positive outlook.

"Enjoy it. It didn't cost a lot of money. I hope it gives you the Christmas spirit we hoped it would give everyone else," he said.

If you know anything about who's behind these thefts, contact the Cincinnati Police Department at 513-569-8600.

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