November was somewhat wetter than usual, December may be light on snow

November was somewhat wetter than usual, December may be light on snow
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Not much stands out when looking back at the weather during November 2017.

Going through the data since 1996 reveals:

  • It wasn’t the warmest November.
  • It wasn’t the coldest.
  • It wasn’t the wettest (though it ranks right up there at No. 6)
  • And it wasn’t the snowiest.

Looking back at this 22-year period reveals that November 2017 was just about average in terms of temperature. Rounding the numbers, the average low was 36 degrees and the average high was 54 degrees, yielding an average daily temp of 45 degrees. The coldest year was 1996, with an average daily temp of 38 degrees. The warmest year was 2001, with an average daily temp of 50 degrees.

As far as rainfall, residents saw just more than 4 inches of rain for the month. The two wettest years were 2010 and 2011, with 6.94 inches and 8.33 inches, respectively. The average November rainfall going back 22 years is 3.13 inches, so we were a bit wetter than normal with 13 days seeing a trace or more of rain.

All-in-all, since 1996 the average low is 35 degrees, and the average high is 54 degrees, with rainfall coming in at a little more than 3 inches.

November 2017 will not break any records. It will fall securely into the middle of them.

As for December 2017, right now it appears that a cooling of the waters in the equatorial Pacific means a La Nina is setting up. Typically, this means we see a relatively milder winter with above average precipitation. This does not mean it will be so mild we won't see any snow.

December 2016 saw an average low temp of 27 degrees, and an average high of 41 degrees (avg. daily temp of 34 degrees), and 2.2 inches of snow.

As always, it's difficult to say what will happen in December, but if trends hold, you may not get much use out of the snow blower you purchased this summer.

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