Police attempting to slow speeders near Fort Mitchell school

Police attempting to slow speeders near Fort Mitchell school

FORT MITCHELL, KY (FOX19) - Fort Mitchell police are taking action to slow down drivers on Beechwood Road after a child was hit crossing the street near an elementary school.

Cars zooming through the school zone is a regular sight for those who live nearby.

"People go like 30 over the speed limit and it is just pretty dangerous," said Anna Schilling, a Fort Mitchell resident.

A little girl came face-to-face with that danger crossing Beechwood Road early Monday. She was hit by a car while walking to school.

"She's OK, thank goodness. It's time for us to come together and figure out something to help," said the child's aunt, Marsha Parke.

Parke also has children and walks them to and from school to keep them safe.

"When it's dark in the morning people don't see your kids crossing the street and they don't slow down," she said.

The speed limit is 25 mph, and during the school hours, the speed drops to 20 mph. Police Chief Andrew Schierberg has been out doing patrols all this week and says there is a problem.

"For a couple of days of being out here, we have certainly found that there are a number of cars that are not paying attention to the speed limit even where there are kids walking up and down the sidewalk," Schierberg said.

Schierberg showed FOX19 NOW the radar, and we witnessed drivers going well above 20 mph while students were being let out Thursday. One driver was pulled over for speeding.

Police say they plan on adding more patrols in the area. However, some parents feel that may not be enough.

"They would need to be here around the clock but I don't think that would be feasible to protect our community," said Schierberg.

Police say most of the drivers they have pulled over are parents with kids in their cars or are associated with Beechwood Independent Schools in some way.

"We're issuing a plea to people who live in this area -- particularly anybody who travels on Beechwood Road -- to just be mindful of their speed," said Chief Schierberg.

Police are currently doing a traffic study in this area to see which days and what times are the worst for speeding.

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