Woman, 62, facing 11 counts of criminal mischief for tagging buildings

MAYSVILLE, KY (FOX19) - Maysville businesses have been the target of a tagger for the last four to six weeks, and now police believe they have found the person responsible.

The tags, written in permanent marker, read "DSG + JG, Love You" inside a heart.

"We definitely thought it was teenagers," said local business owner Chirstina Moran. "My husband thought that it was definitely a guy's handwriting, that's what he said but apparently not. Apparently we were wrong."

Maysville Police have issued a citation summoning to a 62-year-old Maysville woman they said is the culprit.

In a release issued by Chief Ron Rice, police said they were able to identify the woman on area surveillance cameras and said she did her tagging between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. The woman's identity has not yet been released.

Moran owns Iron Bodies Fitness and her studios door was tagged twice in the span of a month. The second time her front door was marked the message of love also included some profanity.

"I train a couple of the business owners and we all have talked about it," said Moran. "We were all pretty shocked."

Maysville resident Leslie Warner said the business she works at was hit as well.

"We had a person come in from New York City, a high end designer and it was that morning that they did it so we had to get the wall painted that day," Warner said.

The woman responsible is now facing 11 counts of criminal mischief and will have to appear in front of a circuit court judge.

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