Police investigating $10K burglary at Islamic Center in Middletown

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown Police are investigating after someone reportedly stole $10,000 worth of electronics from the Islamic Center.

Volunteers helped construct the building on DuBois Court and use it every week. The people who spend time there for gatherings and to pray describe it as a place of peace.

Now, it is at the center of an investigation.

"Normal reaction. Shock. Why? What did this happen?" Aiman Darwiche, the Vice President of the Center, said.

When the leaders of the Islamic Center arrived for an event over the weekend, they said they discovered someone had broken in through a window and made off with about $10,000 worth of stuff.

"They must have seemed comfortable. It was almost like a party for them," Ali Hamzi, the President of the Center, said.

The items taken, the leaders said, are items they use regularly for lectures and educational and social gatherings.

Police reports show that officers collected evidence and snapped photos of the building.

The report also indicates the culprit, or one of the culprits, left behind a shoe print on the window pane and tire tracks on the lawn.

"A robbery, a loss is a loss. I mean, we have insurance, so that's one good thing," Darwiche said.

The president and vice president said while this is a setback, it doesn't change how they feel about the community.

"It's just another robbery that's taken place in Middletown," Darwiche said. "Nothing against us as a group of people."

Looking forward, they do not wish any harm on whoever is responsible, but they do wish the person, or people, who took from them will change their ways.

"They are forgiven," Darwiche said. "I hope they stop doing this because there are ways they can give gifts or get money that does not involve doing anything wrong."

Police are checking with nearby churches to see if they might have any security camera footage of the burglary.

As for the center, the leaders said they are moving on with their lives and on to their next community event.

If you have any information on the crime, you're asked to call Middletown Police.

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