Starbucking Movie

Lawyer documents man's quest to visit every Starbucks.

You can forgive a Houston man known as Winter if he's acting a little jumpy. Chances are he has a bit too much caffeine in his system. He's on a quest to visit every Starbucks. According to his Web site, as of yesterday he's been to nearly five thousand of the 57-hundred-15 corporate-owned Starbucks around the globe. That includes one day in which he went to 29 Starbucks. A Nebraska man documenting his efforts in a film called "Starbucking" says that effort left Winter feeling "a little nauseous." Winter, who was born Rafael Antonio Lozano began his mission in 1997.

And he says of his quest: "Every time I reach a Starbucks I feel like I've accomplished something when actually I have accomplished nothing."