Man facing charges in possible hate crime assault; police searching for second suspect

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - A Kenton County man is in jail facing several charges after he reportedly assaulted three people in what investigators are looking into as a possible hate crime. Meanwhile, police are looking for a second suspect.

One of the victims, who asked to remain anonymous to protect his identity, said that the incident began on November 24 when a female friend found out that her ex-boyfriend, David Bruckman, had ransacked her home on Bakewell Street in Covington.

The male victim and his boyfriend said they went to the woman's home to help clean up the mess, but Bruckman started harassing them over the phone by making threats and using gay slurs.

"You hear about these things on the news, and you understand that these things happen to other people, but you maybe don't understand that these things are going to happen to you," the anonymous victim said.

Following several phone conversations, police believe that Bruckman showed up at the woman's home with an accomplice.

Investigators said Bruckman and the second suspect showered the two male victims with discriminatory insults while violently beating them. Then, police said they attacked the woman.

Police records show the woman suffered head wounds. The two men said they are dealing with broken eye sockets, a broken nose and a broken cheekbone.

"Of course I believe it was a hate crime," the anonymous victim told FOX19. "The language that was used, the motivations behind the attack, were rooted solely in the beliefs that this man does not like us for who we are and who we choose to love."

Bruckman is now in the Kenton County jail facing a list of charges including burglary and assault. Police said the other suspect has not been identified or caught.

The prosecutor confirms that they are looking at the case as a possible hate crime.

The two male victims said they want to see justice, but more than anything, they want to see acceptance.

"We are not looking for anything out of this except for the realization that all people are important, and everybody has a place, and we all need to just love each other and move on and make this world a better place," the anonymous victim said.

Records show Bruckman has a lengthy criminal history, and the female victim already had a protection order against him.

The two male victims have a GoFundMe page in place to collect donations to help pay for their surgeries. They said they have received a lot of positive encouragement and support.

Covington Police are asking anyone with information on the second suspect to come forward.

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