Editorial: America's shocking sexual misconduct story

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It seems like there is a new chapter revealed everyday to America's shocking sexual misconduct story.

On Thursday, Minnesota Senator Al Franken announced he will resign from Congress after at least eight women accused him of sexual misconduct.  Also, this week, Time magazine revealed its Person of the Year – the Silence Breakers - honoring the women who have spoken out about sexual assault and harassment.

This movement has ended high profile careers of men in Hollywood, Washington and New York. In my industry, major broadcasters have been taken down at FOX, CBS, PBS and NBC.

Consider This. The time for talk is over. It's time to end this type of behavior in the workplace. Let's stop the crude locker room talk. The accepting "boys will be boys" attitude not only excuses bad behavior; it presumes women have no right to object. We do.

We must immediately create a culture of accountability that's equally applied to everyone.

Sadly, I suspect there will be more stories to come, from every industry.

It is our job as managers, and co-workers, to support the women and men who risk their careers and reputations in a quest for justice in an unjust environment.

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