Cars keyed in Reading while vandal leaves a "Courteous" note

Cars keyed in Reading while vandal leaves a "Courteous" note
FOX19/Michael Baldwin

READING, OH (FOX19) - Residents in Reading are concerned about someone keying cars and leaving a "courteous" note behind.

The latest incident happened to Steve Henry, who says 12 vehicles were recently keyed in the neighborhood.

The suspect did more than just damage Henry's Jeep. They also left a message behind - a note on a piece of cardboard that reads "have a good one."

"I just bought the Jeep. I haven't even had it three months," Henry said as he stood alongside his new vehicle, which he now keeps off the street and in his garage.

Henry said he had to clean out his garage and make room for his cars because he doesn't feel comfortable leaving it on the street anymore.

"I don't know what was worse," he said, "The scratch or the note."

Reading police declined comment.

A similar incident happened in the Golf Manor area along Graceland Avenue. Numerous cars were keyed and, in some cases, the vandals left the same type of cardboard note with the same message.

"You know it's very upsetting, you work hard every day," Henry said.

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