NKY police beating 'porch pirates' to the punch

PARK HILLS, KY (FOX19) - Park Hills police are beating "porch pirates" to the punch this holiday season. The department in northern Kentucky has officers on patrol for packages sitting outside homes.

"If we see packages and we can't hide them or secure them, we'll collect them, we'll bring them back to the office, store them and leave a flier on the door so they can call us when they get home," Officer James Seibert said. "…then we'll take them that package so they don't have to worry about it being stolen."

Park Hills police say this is a form of pro-active policing and it doesn't cost their residents any time. When someone returns home to see a flier from police, all they have to do is call the department's non-emergency line for a return delivery.

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"We collected it so, we'll bring it back to you," Officer Seibert said. "We're trying to take care of the residents and not the criminals."

The note left for residents reads in-part: "A package was delivered to your residence. We picked it up and have it at headquarters for safekeeping. Please contact dispatch and we will bring it to you."

Seibert said policing for packagers doesn't change officer's day-to-day patrolling.

"We're a small department, our patrolmen should be out constantly driving around, patrolling," Seibert said. "So, it's just one of the things that we instill on our early shift officers."

Several other police agencies are taking a proactive approach to package thefts.

Residents of Norwood are invited to have packages shipped to their respective police departments.

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