September Eleventh Hijackers

Widows react to Nine-Eleven allegations.

A group of Nine-Eleven widows is calling the Nine-Eleven commission report "incomplete and illusory." They're reacting to new claims that the Defense Department had identified Mohammad Atta and three of the hijackers as al-Qaida members more than a year before the attacks. A statement from the September Eleventh Advocates says the widows are "horrified" to learn of new evidence that intelligence officials didn't share information that could have prevented the deaths. The group is calling for a "clear and concise" response to the new allegations. Congressman Curt Weldon says a classified military intelligence unit identified the men in 1999. But, the Pennsylvania Republican says Pentagon lawyers blocked the unit from alerting law enforcement because the men were in the country legally. The co-chair of the disbanded commission says members will look into the claim.