What does Cincinnati want for Christmas? A(n indoor) hippopotamus (exhibit), for one

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Usually, at this time of the year, our Consider This mentions our wishes for Cincinnati for the holidays and the coming year. But this year, we asked our Facebook fans what they wanted to see.

Below is a sampling of what they said.

The Bengals are a hot topic right now, and it's the same on social media. There were a lot of comments about the future of Marvin Lewis and about the team itself.

Ben says: "For a long-suffering Bengals fan -- to assume control of the team and do everything possible to fill the PBS lobby with Lombardi trophies while stomping the Steelers into irrelevance."

Mary Sue is worried about infrastructure.

"A new Western Hills Viaduct before the current one comes crashing down and people get killed," she commented.

Violence, shootings, and the heroin epidemic were also mentioned in the comments.

"Get people off drugs and get them jobs and houses," Troy said.

Jenna added that she wishes the heroin problem would just disappear.

But not everyone wanted to talk about the problems in our community. Some just wanted to talk about the Zoo's Fiona, who can't come outside in the cold!

Carol said: "Yes! Get us an indoor hippo cove for Fiona!"

You can see all the comments (and leave a few of your own) right here:

Thank you for participating, and we hope your holiday wishes come true.

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