Woman says bank account probably 'wasn't the only one' drained by thief

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - More than $1,000 are missing from a West Middletown woman's bank account and she said hackers may be responsible for this advanced form of skimming.

The woman believes her debit card information was scanned while she was shopping in Butler County.

The police report from the sheriff's office said her debit card information was used to make two withdrawals from a Hamilton County ATM.

"I was balling, I was crying my eyes out. Standing in Walmart, crying my eyes out because all I could think of was, I mean, that was my rent," Shirley Weisbrod said.

According to FOX19 NOW Tech Expert Dave Hatter, there are ways to get information off cards with paypass, blink, radio frequency ID or Near Field Communications technology.

"You've got to be a lot closer for Near Field Communications than you do for RFID, but in both cases if you have one of the newer credit cards that has the encrypted chip in it, they're much more difficult to crack," he said.

In this case, the person behind the theft made a withdrawal from the Weisbrod's account at the US Bank branch in Elmwood, about a 25 mile drive from the Walmart she was shopping in at the time.

"I'm surprised that more people didn't come forward now because I'm sure mine wasn't the only one that was skimmed," she said.

The thieves got away with more than $1,200 on two separate ATM withdrawals, an act that can only be done with someone's PIN number.

Hatter said that number is encrypted in your card. He also added that since the card had a chip, this type of theft is possible, but not probable.

"I can't guarantee you that someone couldn't potentially steal the information off that chip and use it but it would be, it would require a very high level of sophistication to do something like that," he said.

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