Fans react to future of Marvin Lewis

Fans react to future of Marvin Lewis
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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - According to a report from ESPN, Marvin Lewis was planning to leave the Bengals after this season, but he said he has not made any decisions yet. Many fans weighed in.

"I think the writings is on the wall. I mean we've said this before, that Marvin's gone and he's back the next year, but I think this is really it," Creg Storer said.

Marvin Lewis has been with the Bengals for 15 seasons. Though he's helped to turn the once losing team around in that time, the team still doesn't have a Super Bowl under its belt. When it comes to the playoffs, the team has never advanced past the first game.

"Typically, when that comes out thy usually like to keep that news quiet until after the season. So, I'm guessing that what it is. I actually believe that its probably true," Storer said.

Billy Watson is the co-owner of Kitty's Sports Grill downtown and said he feels like his time may be up.

"I do feel like this probably will be his last year. I don't feel like he said that to somebody before he would address his team about it," he said.

Watson said he would like to see Lewis stay with the team, but as general manager.

Now, some fans say no matter the situation, a change is needed.

"The city we've settled for a long time still waiting on that playoff win. Marvin is a good dude. He's a great guy but we need more of a disciplinarian we need someone that's willing to hold these guys accountable," Storer said.

The Lions will face the Bengals at home next week.

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