Residents sharing surveillance footage to try to help catch break-in suspect

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) - Potential thieves have been targeting vehicles all over the Tri-State over the past year and are now showing up on security camera footage in the Hyde Park area.

Two surveillance videos captured at the same home on Eastside Avenue show a man walking up to cars and trying to open car doors on both December 8 and December 17.

In both cases, the video shows that the suspect tried, but failed, to open vehicle doors. However, neighbors have said that sometimes the suspects are successful and steal items from inside the cars. They have also reportedly broken car windows.

"You get in with your kids the next morning, and they've been touching the car seat, and God knows what else, just kind of makes you feel really uncomfortable," a neighbor, who reported that her car has been broken into, said.

Neighbors believe that the thefts and attempted thefts have been an ongoing problem for years, but have been especially present over the past few months despite the community's effort to keep the criminals away.

"We keep our lights on all night, and we put cameras on the outside of the house, and these gentleman just walk right into your driveway," the break-in victim said.

Some residents are concerned about what could happen next.

"They start with the cars, and it's just like, are they going to start coming around the back of the house and looking in windows? We're raising our families here, so it's really uncomfortable," one neighbor told FOX19 NOW.

People living in the area said they are hoping for extra patrols and are hoping whoever is responsible is caught.

Cincinnati Police said that detectives are actively investigating the cases. They are asking anyone with information on who the individuals in the videos might be to call Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.

To protect yourself from thieves, police said you should keep your cars locked, and they suggest parking in well-lit areas.

They also recommend securing your valuables and keeping items in your vehicle out of sight.

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