Real-life 'Grinch' steals unique pig decorations at Liberty Twp. home

Real-life 'Grinch' steals unique pig decorations at Liberty Twp. home

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - It's not the first time you may have heard about "grinches" this holiday season, but a Liberty Township family is hoping it might be the last time.

Stephen and Barbara Willis and their family put together a special Christmas display every year at their home on Devon Drive.

"Everybody kind of works hard to get it and come up with a creative idea," Stephen Willis said.

It is a tradition for them to create a themed display that is centered around their unique Christmas pig decorations.

Sports is the theme this year. They placed the piglets in different positions, with some of them spiking and serving in a one of a kind volleyball match.

"The kids enjoy seeing it. We had a bus stop by one morning to look at it," Barbara Willis said. "We do it for the community, for people to walk by, get a smile on their faces."

However, this year, two of the pig decorations are now both missing.

"First time, it was disappointing and a little frustrating. The second time it was maddening," Barbara Willis said.

They believe whoever is responsible stole on two different occasions.

"I never even thought about people stealing stuff, ornaments, because it's Christmas," Stephen Willis said.

Not only did the thief snag two pigs, the suspect also severed and sliced the wiring.

"When I went out to unplug it all, I got shocked," Barbara Willis said.

Neighbors as near as the next street and as far as another state are reporting similar issues such as stolen décor and sliced lights.

The Willis family considered calling it quits.

"We thought about taking it down and saying 'bah humbug' the game is over, but we're not going to let them win," Barbara Willis said.

Instead, they are spreading the word about what happened to make the community aware.

They are also sharing a message with the thief by posting a sign in their yard that reads: "Okay, enough is enough. Return our two pigs - Mrs. Santa Pig and Referee Pig. It's Christmas!"

The Willis family, along with some other neighbors, have reported the thefts and vandalism to local authorities.

When it comes to protecting your decorations, the Willis family said an officer told them to permanently label all of their decorations so the items can be identified and returned should they be stolen and recovered. The officer also recommended installing security cameras to potentially capture the thieves in the act.

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