'Harambe Kong' debuting in Boise arcade Tuesday night

'Harambe Kong' debuting in Boise arcade Tuesday night
Harambe (YouTube)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A programmer from Boise, Idaho will be releasing "Harambe Kong" during a release party at an arcade Tuesday night.

The game is named after Harambe, a 400 pound, male Western Lowland Gorilla, who was shot dead after dragging a child who crawled through a barrier and fell about 15-feet into the exhibit's moat in May 2016.

The programmer, Tyler Saling, has been working on the game for more than a year. He told KIVI this was a way to express his dislike for zoos, which grew from Harambe's death.

Game users play as Harambe with a goal of catching food to garner a high score. However, if the gorilla comes into contact with a child, a zookeeper comes out and shoots him.

A co-owner for Spacebar, the arcade where the release party is being held, said people are lining up for a chance to play.

Saling hopes to soon have a version available to buy in the app store, Xbox and Steam, and is trying to have a downloadable version by February.

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