Ice Cream Business Threatens Lawsuit - Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Ice Cream Business Threatens Lawsuit

A Lockland ice cream truck business is threatening Cincinnati, it's police department, and three local TV stations with a lawsuit. A lawyer for Captain Tom's Ice Cream says the police and news stations released false information about the involvement of one of their drivers in a cocaine drug bust. The information, he says, has devastated the business. The driver was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants August 2nd in Avondale, but was not charged with any drug-related offense. Police say they saw the ice cream truck driver give a man an unidentified item. Minutes later the man who allegedly took the item was arrested for having 600 grams of cocaine, $2100 cash, and a .45 calibre pistol. The stations and police are said to have a Monday deadline to respond or the suit will be filed. Cincinnati police and the stations are not commenting.
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