Police warn holiday trash is target for thieves

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - What is your trash saying to criminals that may be in your area after the holidays?

Once the presents under the tree are unboxed, that trash needs to go somewhere but police said setting boxes for flat screen TV's on the corner could make you a target.

"Thieves drive by and they see the boxes of what exactly you got for Christmas," Fort Mitchell Detective Jill Stulz said. "The thieves know what's inside your house so they sometimes take the opportunity to just help themselves to your Christmas gifts."

Stulz has worked for a couple of different departments in Northern Kentucky and said  it's difficult to directly connect someone's trash to a theft, but said the signs are usually there.

"You see the big big screen TV box sitting outside and then all of the sudden that's the item that's missing from inside the house," Detective Stulz said. "You can't help but say that maybe, maybe that was a contributing factor."

Both those giving and receiving gifts should also be careful about what they post to social media. Those posts on social media may travel to some unwelcome recipients.

"Saying what you got for Christmas or even putting pictures of what you gave for Christmas [could tip off thieves]" Detective Stulz said.

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