Dog Warden: Dogs who killed mini-ponies, horse put down by owner

ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Two dogs that mauled and killed two mini-ponies and a horse in St. Clair Township have been put down, according to the Butler County Dog Warden.

Three pit bulls attacked the ponies, named Bella and Pablo, and an adult horse in the 1900 block of West Elkton Road in St. Clair Township on Friday, Dec. 15.

One of the mini-ponies' owners, Mike Powell, shot and killed one of the pit bulls after it killed one of the mini-ponies, Bella, and was eating it, Deputy Kurt Merbs, supervisor of the Butler County Sheriff's Office Dog Warden Unit said.

The horse was in such bad shape, it was euthanized by a veterinarian, said Paul Huesing, Powell's cousin and the other owner of the mini-ponies.

"They were loving creatures they would never hurt nothing and they were savagely torn apart. It was horrible," he said.

The dogs' owner, Terry Foister, confessed to Butler County detectives the animals were in fact his and he's the one who killed them once he learned what had happened to the other animals.

He was cited for failing to restrain a dog.

Under state law you are not allowed to shoot an animal just for being on your property, however, the Butler County Dog Warden's office said you do have a right to protect yourself and your livestock.

Foister will be arraigned in Hamilton Municipal Court next month.

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